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We are a professional firm of Licensed Psychologists and Organizational Consultants providing research based assessment for selection and development of executive, management and sales professionals.  Our clients include Global Fortune 100 companies, small to midsize businesses and non-profit organizations including schools and churches.

Built around scientific research into workplace personality we use competency based assessment tools coupled with the expert interpretation and consultation of psychologists to give you insight into the talent you are hiring far beyond what interviews and experience can tell you.  Our multidimensional work-style personality assessment along with a psychologist consultant's interpretation provides you with many times the depth of information offered by many widely used employment personality tests.  We go beyond a colorful label type of test to provide you with insight into a candidate's thinking process, problem solving, emotional intelligence, leadership, ability to work with others and overall style of work.  We clearly show you what it means and how to use the information to reliably select top talent, develop individuals and teams, prevent derailment, and develop whole-organization talent that produces exceptional results.

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Emotional Intelligence
Research shows that a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of future success than traditional methods like GPA, IQ, and standardized test scores.
Social and emotional abilities are four times more important than IQ alone in determining professional success.
75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competency:
  • - Inability to handle interpersonal problems
  • - Unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict
  • - Inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.

Emotional Intelligence Skills that Determine Workplace Success:

E2 for Accurate Hiring
  • Mental Horsepower and Workplace Personality matter at least as much as past experience and education, predict job success, and are most accurately revealed by assessment.
  • Assessment is a comprehensive process of objective questions and measures.
  • Assessment measures a candidate’s “fit” for a specific position.
  • Assessment has a very high ROI eliminating potential “Bad Hires” which cost a company thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, lost productivity, management time.
  • Assessment provides a “scouting report” beyond what interviews can measure.
  • Research shows assessment consistently out-predicts even the best interviewer.
  • Caution: Many employment assessments on the market have weak validity and reliability studies; ours are highly validated and meet legal standards with no adverse impact.
  • Any interview question is considered a test by labor laws. 
  • See the U.S. Department of Labor resources recommending the benefits and best practices of employment assessment:  http://www.onetcenter.org/guides.html





The Process – User Friendly
  • Seamless part of the Interview / Hiring Team Process
  • Candidate completes personality assessments online
  • Candidate is interviewed and mental abilities assessment is conducted
  • Results and Recommendations provided in a written summary & discussed with hiring team
  • Results and Action Plans get New Hires off to “Right Start”
  • "Management Tips” get manager off to right start
  • Talent audits develop the next line of management
  • Development Process develops existing talent and prevents derailment
Research Based Tools
Professionally researched, reliable, validated and normed assessment tools.
A combination of 8 different assessment instruments
Behavior based competency interview
A normative database (over 40,000 cases & 30+ years of R&D)
Job specific templates
Competency based feedback 
Not Simple Tests with only Face Validity
Not Proprietary, Ivory Tower, “Behind the Curtain” Assessment Centers
Legally defensible, no adverse impact, ADA, EEOC, APA compliant

Our clients include: Fortune 500 companies / Small Business / Non-Profit

Industry & Government: Bellinger and DeWolf Attorneys, Centex, Choice Homes, David Sutherland Inc., Deloitte Consulting, Emerson Electric, Employee Benefits Analysis, FinishMaster, Fisher Controls, Frito Lay, I.R.S., Knaack Manufacturing, Masco, Mangelsdorf,  Lewis & Davidson, Lucid IQ, NCH, RCL Enterprises, SCI Management, Sparkman Dickey, Solutions in Software Inc., Susan Dell  Inc., Texwood Industries, Tucker Rocky, Veneto Energy, White Rodgers.   

Churches,  Schools & Non-Profits:  University of Dallas; Calvary Baptist Church, NY; Canyon Ridge Christian Church, NV; Eastminster Presbyterian Church, FL; Grace Pointe Church, TX; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic, TX; St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, TX; Prince of Peace Catholic, TX; All Saints Catholic, TX; Our Lady of Angels Catholic, TX; St. Gabriel Catholic, TX; St. Ann's Catholic, TX, SMU Catholic Campus Ministries, Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas Voice Project.



Sample Graphic Summary of Assessment


What Makes Us Unique:     Psychology + Business Knowledge

Our expertise in psychological assessment, research, change management & coaching is applied to real world business management needs. We are set apart from mere assessment firms by having partners that have managed multi-million dollar international business in addition to our expertise in organizational psychology. We provide tailored, pragmatic solutions for your decision making and leadership strategies.




Success Stories:

  • We helped several companies find the best fit for critical global positions starting up manufacturing plants in Asia, Mexico and South America for American based companies.

  • We helped an organization expanding into a new service area assess candidates to find the one with the best leadership qualities for the critical position.  Our assessment provided their search committee with insights they had not discovered from their interview and initial selection process, directing them to the candidate with the best fit for the new division. 

  • Our consultants helped an international division of a Fortune 500 company identify its competencies for success to enable it to transition its international workforce.

  • Our consultants applied the leadership competencies identified by a global company to accurately assess their top executive candidates for hiring worldwide. 

  • We took a fractured organization and through executive coaching, leadership development, succession planning to infuse needed talent, and management workshops helped them realign to their vision and solve strategic planning difficulties.

  • We helped a company identify its talent ready for promotion to higher management and provided management development and coaching to facilitate the transition.

  • Based on assessment a young manager realized that by far the best person for the job was a much older applicant whom might have been unconsciously overlooked for a candidate more similar in age to the young manager.

"We were looking to fill several manufacturing supervisor openings. When we received the assessment results back from the top three candidates, two were a good fit but the third showed concerns. We decided to hire all three. One month later, the key concerns from the assessment became very apparent . We had to let the person go. We have used e2org’s services for over three years and once again, they have helped us realize the value they bring to our organization.”       ~      V.P. Human Resource, Manufacturing

"Recently, we were in the process of hiring a sales assistant. We were ready to make an offer. We asked that the candidate complete the assessment with our outside consultant at e2org. When we received the results, there were several red flags. After discussing the results, with our consultant. It became apparent that we might have the right candidate internally. We did the assessment and it was a great fit. We were glad to have the assessment and advice of e2org in our hiring process."    ~       V.P.  Financial  Industry

Worldwide Access   Timely Answers   Informed Decisions   Convenient   Cost Effective 


Contact us for more information, assessment demos, and organizational solutions:
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