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Using scientific assessment instruments only available to qualified psychologists and professionals, we tailor assessment strategies to your company's unique needs.   We have a wide variety of well researched and validated psychological assessment tools which we use.  Our assessment process leads to solutions for your organization in understanding candidates for selection or employees for promotion or development to help you get just the right fit.

Complete executive assessment involves in-person assessment and interview to gain deep insights for use in selection and promotion.  Frontline selection and mid-management assessments can be quickly and inexpensively conducted online.  

Types of Assessment  Tools 

  • Mental Abilities Assessment 

  • Workplace Personality Assessment

  • Sales Professional Selection and Developmental Assessment

  • Career and Interest Assessment

  • Associate-level Selection Screening

  • Team Development Assessment Instrument

Depending upon the organization's need and level of candidate, we draw from a wide variety of standardized, well researched psychological assessment instruments including: the Guilford-Zimmerman Temperment Inventory, FIRO-B, CPI, MBTI, WAIS-III, ISB, Thurstone, Watson-Glasser, Ravens, ASSESS, SalesMax, Select, and others.  (All tests are copyrighted by their specific publishers).



If you have been instructed by your company or prospective employer to complete our online assessment.


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