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Coaching for Executives and Mangers

Q What do Top Performers and Top Earners in Entertainment, Sports, and Business have in common?     

A A Coach     

Keeping up with the speed of business and information is challenging enough. Mastering the change management and people management skills required for success in today’s economy without the expert guidance of a coach is just a plain waste of an executive’s time.    


Executive Coaching  Beginning with an objective assessment of a Leader’s strengths to build on and identifying any weak areas for developing, coaching is a focused method for enhancing the performance of top management. Professional experts provide the knowledge needed by today’s leadership to implement the processes of management. Our experts in people development, change management, conflict management and performance improvement assist executives in mastering their performance.

  • Prevent derailment of top achievers and professionals.
  • Retain talent in a tight labor market

Team Coaching  In addition to brief focused workshops and team development, coaching for team processes brings a consultant’s people knowledge and expertise to the ongoing team dynamics and assists the executive to quarterback the team to succeed at its performance goals. Through expertise in team behavior and dynamics, coaching gives team members and leadership the knowledge and methods to achieve peak performance.

Expertise  Our coaching staff brings professionals with decades of experience in psychology, business management, change implementation, group dynamics, behavior change, and the know how to orchestrate the diverse members of an organization to achieve its peak performance. A team without a coach is like a symphony without a conductor. Our expertise is in combining the science of behavior with the art of unifying diverse talents into a single voice of achievement.


Throughout the employee life cycle, from selection to development to promotion we provide tools, insight, and strategies to enable organizations to manage their human capital as individuals and as teams.

Among the first to offer on-line coaching and psychological assessment, e2org.com began online coaching in 1991 as a pioneer in Internet commerce. We continue to provide cutting edge psychological and organizational consulting with online assessment and an "e" approach to business.

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