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Hiring the wrong Manager or Professional can cost you $50,000++

Objective Insight - Well designed psychology research over several decades has consistently shown that objective assessment is significantly more reliable, valid, and accurate than interview data alone and especially when the assessment tool is powerful and shown effective through thousands of research subjects.  Objective tests give a more actuarial prediction a candidate’s behavior and likely success to help you choose the candidate with the best "fit" for your organizational needs.  When assessment data is added to a well-constructed interview, along with experience and educational qualification information, it produces a much more accurate and insightful picture about the candidate.  Hiring without assessment insight is like flying a plane by sight with no instrument read-out. 

Valid Assessments -  Many quick and simple employment selection instruments in wide use today are not legally defensible, lack validity studies, and are not shown to avoid adverse impact in hiring.  In employment law, any question or interview is ultimately considered to be the same as a "test."  The more structured, fair, and insightful the questions, the more legally defensible as well as accurate the selection process is.  For selection, we use professionally developed, standardized psychological assessment instruments with decades of scientific studies backing their development and validity and tests that meet EEOC and ADA standards and we subscribe to the ethical procedures of the American Psychological Association.  

Multi-dimensional Behaviors - Our assessments provide comprehensive multi-dimensional measurements of workplace personality, mental abilities, thinking style, workstyle, motivational and interpersonal style to give you a detailed insight about a candidate for hiring or promoting. 

Interviews that Work - We assist organizations not only in providing insightful assessment information about a candidate but in setting up structured interviews based on the position and company culture and competencies, as well as training interviewers on how to more effectively interview.

Reports - There's no need to learn some color coded, quadrant profile test interpretation. We provide clearly written: 

Selection Assessment Reports with  

  •  Graph - a graphical representation of candidate's strengths and weaknesses on multi-dimensional behaviors 
  •  Summary - a quick summary of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  •  Details - a detailed written report in clear business language 
  •  Interview Tips - suggested interview questions for further investigation, tailored to the candidate's responses 
  •  Management Tips - suggestions for how to best manage the person if they are hired
  •  Right Start - developmental recommendations to get new hires off to the right start

We  provide assessment instruments and consultation with no long term contract commitment and no requirement to buy an expensive package from us, just what you need as you need it.  Our online assessments fits seamlessly in your processes and are quick, convenient, easy and inexpensive to use.

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