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Team Development and Workshops

We provide the objective viewpoint and expert knowledge to enable organizations to  develop visions, implement strategic planning, identify competencies for success, and develop the  skills and processes of teams and leadership. 

Customized Solutions for Team Development: 

  • Identify strengths an weaknesses of the team
  • Provide psychology of team success
  • Integrate key learning areas on team process and structure
  • Provide a process for on-going feedback and evaluation of team development and success
  • Talent Audit / Match abilities and personality to positions
  • Create bench strength for future growth and close organizational gaps
  • Retain talent in a tight labor market
  • Identify people ready for promotion
  • Succession Planning
Workshops, tailor-made to suit your company’s unique needs, a sampling:

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Learn to read situations quickly, focus your listening, resolve disputes fairly and work out tough agreements. You will learn to find the common ground and get cooperation with the minimum disruption.

Research shows that managers spend 15-20% of their time dealing with direct face to face conflict. Whether an organization is centralized or decentralized, functional or matrixed, the environment tends to set up natural conflict, group to group. Whenever two groups are formed, conflict follows. Inroads into diversity have brought greater innovation and at the same time increased conflict. Competition has heated up, making speed and agility more important. But the result is more conflict and less ability to provide thoughtful resolution.
  • You will be able to:
  • Identify your natural style in handling conflict
  • Listen more effectively, asking questions versus giving answers
  • To identify other’s style of handling conflict
  • To understand the primary reason conflict occurs
  • Develop your skills in creative resolution
  • Confront the situation not the person to minimize defensiveness and hostility

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – MYERS BRIGGS® Understand your MBTI® type and how these results relate to your contributions and effectiveness on a team.

  • You will:
  • Understand your particular type
  • Know how your type typically leads
  • Know how you and others manage conflict
  • Know how you use your type to influence others
  • Learn to maximize your effectiveness within the team

FACILITATION Develop your skills to be an effective facilitator of groups and teams.

  • You will be able to:
  • Keep the discussion focused on the topic and moving forward
  • Use a variety of techniques to control digressive, difficult or dominating team members, to encourage reluctant team members, and to resolve conflict among the team.
  • Know when and how to employ interventions and how to teach these skills to team members.
  • Bring discussions to a close
  • Focus on the team process and how decisions are being reached
  • Assist teams in discovering the right answers to problems
  • Have teams run more productive meetings, maximizing the effectiveness of the team’s time

LEADING THROUGH VISION It has been said that everything is created twice – first mentally and then physically. Great achievements and the satisfaction come from clearly understanding what we’re are about to do. Creating and documenting a vision whether personal or for your organization allows those involved to achieve it in a systematic and planful way. Know where you want to go and then plan how to get there.

You will:

  • Understand the power of visions and how strongly they influence future direction
  • Create your own personal vision
  • Create a realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization, team, or small group that is better in some important ways than what now exists.
  • Have a written statement that can be used as a roadmap, a living document that you can refine, review, and use to focus you and / or your organization, team, or group.

PROBLEM SOLVING – Learn to use logic and methods that are simple that enable you to find root causes, provide effective solutions and create buy-in.

"Most people are smart enough to solve problems effectively. Most people know how. Most people don’t do it right, however. They don’t define the problem and they jump to conclusions, or they go to the other extreme and analyze it to death without trying out anything. They also rely too much on themselves when multiple people usually have a better chance of solving the problem. "

You will be able to:

  • Define the situation and establish the problem
  • Use an easy 5 step process to ensure all aspects are covered in solving the problem
  • Determine root cause or causes
  • Determine multiple, creative solutions
  • Establish the best solution under the defined circumstances
  • Know how your personality style adds to the problem solving process
  • Appreciate diversity of styles in getting to the best results

INTERVIEWING SKILLS – Become a good judge of talent who can articulate the strengths and limitations of candidates and determine what candidates’ are likely to do across a variety of situations

You will be able to:

  • Listen more effectively to determine a candidate’s true skills and abilities and their impact on situations and results.
  • Read non-verbal cues and what they are telling you about the person
  • Know how to probe deeper for more information or when there is a concern
  • Assess intangible skills such as communication style, interpersonal interaction, & leadership style
  • Know what questions you can and cannot ask legally
  • Prepare for the interview, open, and close the interview effectively

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing – When trauma or tragedy hits a nation or an organization, quick response debriefing by trained professionals limits damage and reduces personal suffering.


A sample of some our many workshops, tailor made to suit your company’s unique needs.


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