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Informed Consent

Your company, prospective employer or sponsoring organization has asked you to complete an assessment as part of its Human Resource process.

Your answers to the following instruments are confidential. The interpretation of your responses is also confidential.  The scoring and interpretation of your responses will be conducted by e2org.com, its staff and professional consultants, or the computational programs of the test publishers.  Your responses and results are confidential and will be provided only to your sponsoring organization. Your answers and results will not be provided to any other organization for any other purpose.  

Research Note: Your responses may be added anonymously (without using your name) to our normative database of the responses. We use this database to compute group averages and other normative statistics.

If you are completing this assessment as part of a selection or promotion process, the results from this assessment will only be one of many factors considered by the organization in making a placement decision. Other factors include evaluation by members of the sponsoring organization of your specific skills, experience, education, and job history.

The assessment results belong to the sponsoring client organization. This organization retains the right to decide when and if you will receive feedback on your assessment results.

By clicking below and proceeding with completion of this assessment, you acknowledge that you have read the provisions of this Statement of Informed Consent. Furthermore, you agree to these provisions and agree to permit the client organization to use the assessment results in its human resource processes.

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