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Informed Consent

The following assessments are designed to assess your personality style and provide you with information about your emotional, motivational, interpersonal, and thinking styles. 

Your answers to the following instruments are confidential. The interpretation of your responses is also confidential.  The scoring and interpretation of your responses will be conducted by e2org.com, its staff and professional consultants, or the computational programs of the test publishers.  Your responses and results are confidential and will be provided only to you.  Your answers and results will not be provided to any other organization or person for any other purpose unless specific exceptions are legally required. 

Research Note: Your responses may be added anonymously (without using your name) to our normative database of the responses.  We use this database to compute group averages and other normative statistics.

The results from this assessment are intended as a tool to provide you with further information and understanding of yourself and your interpersonal style and may be useful in your own personal functioning or relationships with others.  These results are only one of several sources of insight and information that should be considered in understanding yourself and aiding you in actions and decision making.   

The assessment results belong to you.  If you choose to share this information with another party you may do so.  If you wish for us to provide the results to another party, you must provide us with written consent to release confidential information by contacting us at the address provided on our home page.  

By entering your name and clicking below and proceeding with completion of this assessment, you acknowledge that you fully understand the nature of this assessment, its purpose and consequences and have read the provisions of this Statement of Informed Consent.  Furthermore, you agree to these provisions and agree to permit e2org.com, its staff or consultants to conduct this assessment, report the results to you, and that you assume responsibility for payment for services. 

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