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Organizational Facilitation
Types of Assessment
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How the e2Org Assessment Process Works
Consultation with the Organization
We help you:
Determine when to use assessment: selection, development, planning
Identify unique organizational issues that impact an individual
Identify core competencies for assessment measurement
Consultation with Individual Candidates
Our process includes:
Assessment instruments
In-depth Interview
Customized report
Feedback to Hiring Manager
Developmental Coaching
Knowledge Provided:
Intellectual Abilities
Intellectual horsepower
Speed of learning
Mental ability match for job requirements
Personality Traits / Job Fit
Stable, work-oriented (behavioral) attributes
Strengths and weaknesses as compared to the job requirements
Organizational "fit" between the individualís strengths / weaknesses and the demands of the organization
Traits Assessed
Problem Solving
Decision Making
People / Team Development
Work Style
Leadership Style


Customized Report Solutions
Results compared to specific professional / managerial position norms
Customization of company specific and job specific profiles for comparison / interpretation
Process starts with new hires
Developmental feedback report for existing employees
Coaching suggestions for personís direct supervisor
Team Evaluations
Team report of strengths / weaknesses
Closing the gap recommendations
Succession Planning
Talent Audit

Where e2Org Fits In the Hiring Process



Why Select e2Organizational Consultants & Psychologists 
Specialists in Knowledge of People and Behavior
Expert Knowledge of Assessment, Analysis, Communication, and Change Implementation 
Online and Onsite Accessibility
Validated, Researched, Professionally Recognized Assessment Tools
Interpretative Profile of Multiple Attributes Vs. Single Scale Cut Scores
Follow APA and EEOC Guidelines
Legally Defensible and No Adverse Impact
Specialists at Relationships and Service to you