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Online Assessment Option 1

If you have been asked by your company or prospective employer  to complete assessment Option- 1, click the box below.

Option 1 consists of completing the ASSESS © test as part of the assessment process. 

On the next page, you will need a Login ID which should have been provided to you by your consultant or sponsoring organization.  Enter the information exactly.  Please contact us with questions, for technical help, or if you did not receive a Login ID.

To Take Assessment

Please email us: assessment@e2org.com  when you have completed the assessment or if you have any questions or technical problems or call 972-407-1810.

NOTE to Individual USERS.  There is charge for scoring and interpreting this assessment if you are not being sponsored by an organization or prospective employer that referred you to us.  Accessing the assessment will not score your responses or generate a report without administrator authorization.

If you are an individual NOT referred to us by your company, seeking personal or career development assessment, please email us at  info@e2org.com for more information, regarding taking our online assessment, and we will be happy to assist you.


ASSESS© is copyright:  Bigby Havis & Associates. Used with permission.